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Hello, my name is Elise Olshansky Lambert – born a Jewish girl in Brooklyn,NY, who’s dreamed of becoming an artist since I learned how to paint. As I grew up and saw the sadness of people around me, I wanted to find a way to inspire them to see the world in a different, more positive light. I kept searching for a way to paint Nature with colors that reflect joy and tranquility that would impart those feelings through my art.

That’s why I say a prayer before I paint for God’s Love to fill my artwork in order to bring healing to everyone who sees it. In addition, I studied about Bach Flower Remedies – homeopathic flower essences that are used for healing the emotions – so that I could experiment with my paints for the purpose of bringing a soothing vibration to the onlooker.

I know that we all have to face reality, but I also know that reality is stark. That’s why I like to create images that are beyond reality…a surrealistic fantasy type of art that gives the viewer a chance to take a break from real life.



Your favorite inspirational quotes made to order


Perfect for your personal workspace or a child's room


I can transform a wall of your choice into a painting -- outdoor walls (May to September) or indoor walls (year-round)

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