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Flowers are a constant source of inspiration for me, so I learned how to paint them just so I could have them around me wherever I happen to be. These floral paintings have all been done on 140 lb. watercolor paper. I'm currently in the process of adding paintings on canvas to my collection.

A Pensive Garden of Peace
A Virtual Walk into Calming Peace
Neon Butterflies and Flowers
The Resurrection of Whole Purpose Happin
Relaxing in a Flower Garden of Prayer
Portal into an Angel Garden
The Poppy and Butterfly Dance
Peace and Empathy Fill My Soul
Tea Roses at Midnight
The End of Summer's Butterfly Garden
The Drama of Springtime
Dance of Autumn's Blossoms
Come to Tea at Flower Central
Can You See Me? I'm Covered . . .
A Blast of Color to Embrace a Rainy Day.
Vicissitude of Healing in E-minor Seven-2
Mother's Day Garden of Peace
Happy to Be a Flower in an English Garden
Firefly Flower Jungle
Sonata in Blue
Once Upon a Flower Garden
Butterfly Garden in Winter
A Study in Blue Lilies
The Gerber Daisy Carnival
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